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For those of you who know me…

For those of you who know me, you know that I am leery of change. Dumping the old site that used to be was a big deal. A lot effort went into the old version. But it was that. Old. Lacking updates, lacking a sense of welcome and lacking direction. I’ve been married five years now. I am a new dad. Again. My oldest is 32, my youngest is 6 months. To me this means that I need to have my site come back around to meet me where I am. Growing. Changing. Seeking. Most of all it should be clear on conveying purpose. It’s not there yet, since I am still filling in the templates as I write this. My biggest goal was to facilitate the new blog. And here we are.

When I make a blog entry, my purpose is to share, to reveal truth and to reflect on the topic at hand. Today, my wife saw me buying a different type of apple than I normally do. It was a snap decision in my own head. One that I had made almost automatically. The rationale was simple: we were on task, it was late and I was tired of not finding the exact apple that I wanted, knowing that people were waiting for me. So I choose something new, apparently meeting all our needs at an affordable price. I could adjust my taste. Before I met my wife I don’t think I would have done that. That’s my truth for today. I had gotten validation of a subconscious choice I have made in the last month to not settle for doing things the way I found familiar or comfortable.

And now I want an apple.