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Stick Out Your Tongue

Doctor Whatsit…

My insurance changed and I needed a new physician and came upon an adroit little fellow with a silvery blue, thin tie. He was inspecting me for my ear infection, making all the gestures and noises I expected from him, but he did not look at my throat. I asked him why, and he said it wasn’t necessary this time. In fact, he added as an afterthought, it’s not necessary in most cases.

This had my curiosity up. I pressed further and he explained. “You see,” he said, “being a doctor requires a great deal of rigor and professionalism, a decorum, if you will. While we cannot go around sticking out our tongues, yawning like bears, or dressing in skimpy gowns flashing our bums at the nurses, we can take a certain reserved pleasure in making our patients do it at will. It’s a great stress reliever really.”

I blinked. All at once I was worried that he wasn’t joking, but also that he was. What did it mean? Was he flirting? After an agonizing three seconds of eye contact, he broke off, waved dismissively and turned back to his tablet. So, I stuck out my tongue and said, “Ahhhhhhhgggggh…” The slightest wave seemed to wash over his shoulders, smoothing them out a bit, while at the same time he pursed his lips to stifle a laugh. The truth was out.

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For those of you who know me…

For those of you who know me, you know that I am leery of change. Dumping the old site that used to be was a big deal. A lot effort went into the old version. But it was that. Old. Lacking updates, lacking a sense of welcome and lacking direction. I’ve been married five years now. I am a new dad. Again. My oldest is 32, my youngest is 6 months. To me this means that I need to have my site come back around to meet me where I am. Growing. Changing. Seeking. Most of all it should be clear on conveying purpose. It’s not there yet, since I am still filling in the templates as I write this. My biggest goal was to facilitate the new blog. And here we are.

When I make a blog entry, my purpose is to share, to reveal truth and to reflect on the topic at hand. Today, my wife saw me buying a different type of apple than I normally do. It was a snap decision in my own head. One that I had made almost automatically. The rationale was simple: we were on task, it was late and I was tired of not finding the exact apple that I wanted, knowing that people were waiting for me. So I choose something new, apparently meeting all our needs at an affordable price. I could adjust my taste. Before I met my wife I don’t think I would have done that. That’s my truth for today. I had gotten validation of a subconscious choice I have made in the last month to not settle for doing things the way I found familiar or comfortable.

And now I want an apple.