Creative Writing

If you’re a writer then you can use readers. Get more from your written words by shining a light on them.

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From your process to your information, technology is supposed to bring you closer to it in a meaningful and efficient way. Make your wits match your tech and start using it purposefully.

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Talking through your passion will help you focus on where you want to grow. Find out what you don’t know. Learning more should always be on your to-do list.

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My Main Message

After decodes of teaching and learning I’ve come to the conclusion that one lifetime is not enough. There is so much to be gained from opening your mind and heart to those around you.

I’ve always said that everyone has a right to feel good about where they are and where they are headed. The best feeling is a sense of belonging and purpose. It can be as simple as standing on a forest trail and looking up through a canopy of cedar and dappled sunlight.

What I do in my job, my home life and my intellectual and spiritual life is seek those places for myself and those around me. Surround yourself with this mindset and embrace focus and purpose.


Next Steps…

What do you want to know about seeking an improved life with focus and purpose? Let me tell you a story…

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